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WE APPLY TONS OF MARKETING AND COMMON SENSE to challenges and come up with genuinely creative stuff. It’s all communication - and it could be advertising, design, digital, technical, social media or direct. Or something pretty unexpected like a sculpture, an exhibition or an Augmented Reality game.

You can find hundreds of freelance creatives in nano-seconds of online searching. Hardly any can match the breadth and depth of our experience. Even the best of the current crop of ‘advertising’ agencies are offering portfolio services in an attempt to broaden their budget appeal.

We give you instant access to our decades of fruitful creative experience within and outside agencies – and knowledge about how the audiences responded to it all. Very handy to have if you need something to work in a hurry and don’t have the budget you’d like. (You can also avoid mistakes we’ve already made and find what it is you need to get the results you want sooner.)


WE READ, QUESTION AND ENSURE WE GET THE ESSENCE OF THE BRIEF. We often help craft the final brief. Actually, with some regular clients the brief doesn’t exist beyond ‘you know what we want’.

WE ARE KNOWN FOR THINKING BEYOND THE BRIEF, coming up with fresh insights and sometimes different but always practical proposals. The more time built into the schedule, the more we can find out more about the customers and the competitors, and the market in general. That always benefits the final outcome.

WE HAVE EMPATHY WITH OUR CLIENTS, appreciating the pressures they’re under and doing all we reasonably can to help. We enjoy collaborating with them in the creative process.

WE ARE DEDICATED TO THE JOB IN HAND. We never take on so much that we sneakily farm work out or skimp on effort or commitment. Every job is important to us. There are agencies and consultancies that would snigger at our commitment to the smallest of tasks. We don’t do new business pitches during the time we should be working for our clients who are paying us. Or any other time. Because we simply don’t do pitches.*


“When you work with Stuff & Sense, you can rest assured that you’ll only get the best for your business. I would highly recommend them.” (Creative Director, North America.)
“I called them in to boost the team for a pitch at a digital agency where there were departments full of in-house creatives. We really didn’t expect to defeat the incumbent advertising agency, but Jon and Mike grasped what the client was really looking for and came up with the idea that won the business.” (Strategic planner, UK)
“Two of the most insightful and knowledgeable creative guys you could ever hope to work with.” (Advertising agency owner and educator, UK.)
“It’s so refreshing to work with people who actually know what they are doing and produce the goods - rather than self-styled gurus who charge a fortune for an opinion and give us nothing we can work with.” (Marketing Director, Financial Sector UK)
These are real testimonials. We have permission to use them but due to signing NDAs and all that other Secret Squirrel stuff we can’t publish names.

Who makes things happen


Jon Allen is a seasoned copywriter, creative director, strategist and marketing consultant.


Mike Lee is a seasoned designer, art director, creative director and marketing consultant.


Thom Allen is a web developer with experience in front-end code, responsive design and building web interfaces with modern JS libraries

JON ALLEN AND MIKE LEE first worked together just as direct marketing started to challenge for advertising budgets - around the same time the late Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson were performing as The Dangerous Brothers. Presentations of even moderately radical ideas were sometimes ended with an impression: “Extremely dangerous, we trust you’ll agree”. Despite that, clients usually bought their work.

The (wannabe) Dangerous Bros circa 1984.
L: Classic 'Campaign' Pose. R: Subsequent embarassment

Over the years, Mike and Jon have worked as a creative team; run their own creative departments and helped re-structure and re-energise some struggling; and set up creative companies to answer unique client needs or integrate with a group’s other businesses.

Currently they're talking sense and doing clever stuff for a few client companies, agencies and individuals, leaving plenty of scope to make full use of everything they know for fresh clients.

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